Surendar Chawdhary, former Professor of Film Direction, Film & Television Institute of India, Pune; now living in Gurgaon.

More in the inaugural first post, The Story So Far…


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sonali sarbadhikary said:

    Respected Sir,

    I was searching for the where abouts of my cousin, who I think lives in Bandra west, Mumbai, named Siddharth Dutt, son of famous writer of Hindi Movies , Late Shri Bimal Dutt…and during the process of searching for my cousin, I came in contact with your blog. I feel myself so lucky to be in touch with your precious writing. I live in Bandra for the last couple of years and am trying to find out the details of them.
    Sir, I thought as you have written on my late uncle on 2015 you may have some contact with them..if you have any contact no and can share it with me…i will be immensely grateful.. .sorry for troubling you..sir…..

    Thanks and my pranam to you..

    Sonali sarbadhikary…

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