Having followed Surendar Chawdhary Times for over 3-4 years, I do hope you would enjoy another offering from the same stable.

Professor Satyajit Ray /Surendar Chawdhary’s books on Ray films [professorsatyajitray.wordpress.com]

This is my platform for discussing Satyajit Ray’s art and craft for the benefit of film students and practicing filmmakers. Starting from the new year there are already 4 posts afloat for your perusal…

Introduction describes the circumstances under which I have started the blog while the rest three pertain to my first book: on Pather Panchali. The most recent post titled Book PP /A Necklace drops in the Indian Pond was on 24th January while the next one titled Book PP /Structure of a Ray film is due on 31st January. Hoping to maintain a weekly schedule of posts every Sunday, the entire Pather Panchali book should be out by the middle of May. Thereafter would begin Aparajito and Apur Sansar to complete the Apu trilogy….

As I said, enjoy!

PS: I’m not terribly suave at using the social media to spread the word but would be most grateful if any of my readers can do that for me.