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That Anand Bhavan was Motilal Nehru’s bungalow in Allahabad was elementary textbook knowledge for my generation. Jawaharlal Nehru lived his initial years here as did Indira Gandhi later on. We also knew that virtually who’s who of India’s freedom struggle had stayed or passed through Anand Bhavan at one or the other time in their lives.

Last September on our way to Varanasi, my wife and I made it to the historic premises. The place certainly has an aura as these slides show and can bring, particularly in the context of India’s Republic Day tomorrow, a patriotic lump in some of our throats.

That the slides are going silent is deliberate. That should leave us room for contemplation.

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For those of us astrologically inclined, here is an opportunity for sustained look at Jawaharlal Nehru’s horoscope on permanent display in Anand Bhavan.

More contemplation, if you like…