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I have been visiting California for all of 8 years and have always been struck by the quality of sunlight here. I have also had this handy access to my son-in-law Himanshu’s lovely string of cameras. Since he regularly ‘upgrades’ with newer models—to me they are only just more expensive—I am more than happy to take the old ones and use them with a free, even at times rough hand. I have by now a good collection of photographs, taken both in the US as well as in India, which have generally won praises from family and friends. With this blog I hope to put them up for wider scrutiny; so you can expect to find more photo posts like this from time to time.

The present lot though was shot just last week. With Halloween and Thanksgiving come and go over this month, the autumn bloom was on its peak and streets were lush with colour. (By now, however, thanks to a storm, all colour lies scattered under the trees on the ground.) I used Nikon D7000 with 18 to 200mm zoom. This is beauty of a camera that’s always eager to focus and is ever so rich on battery life and dual-chip space. Himanshu is currently monitoring the growth of their 3-year old Neel and has chosen JPEG Fine and multiple-fire options as default settings. I saw no reason to change and worked with the same settings. Altogether it took me a single 1-hour walk in our neighbourhood, from 3 to 4 in the evening. I returned with about 150 shots, which I edited to 120 for my archive and uploaded 60 for your viewing.

Daughter Sonia, who is collaborating hands on with me, explored the possibilities that the blog site offers and we have chosen a combination of slide show and the picture gallery formats to mutually reinforce images for your viewing pleasure. The pictures themselves have in the process gone to much lower resolution but that is fine for the present purpose. Should you need richer, poster size potential for any other purpose of your own, please know that they are available with me. Make a specific request and we would find ways of reaching them to you.

Meanwhile, enjoy.

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PS: From one of my outings I brought home some promising leaves. Sonia reached out for a couple of unused frames from the garage and here we have autumn on our walls. The colour blobs are reflections from the Christmas tree.